Highlights of Europe ~ Munich Germany

Luke and I have been back from Europe for 2 weeks now and I feel this time more than others I am having a little difficulty recovering. I miss it so so much! I have known since I was very young that my heart belongs in Europe but I believe I truly left a piece behind this time. I am so happy that Luke feels the same way and we have both agreed that somewhere in Europe is our next destination for “home”. One of the great things about our trip this time is we had friends in nearly every place we visited, which really made this trip so fun!
Our first stop was Munich Germany. It was our first time to Germany for both Luke and I. To be honest Germany was never on my ┬álist of places to go… not because I didn’t want to, but because there were always places that I felt I wanted to go to more. I was so wrong! I was very pleasantly surprised and really loved it! It is a place I most certainly would consider moving to, and what makes it even better is our good friends Mark & Liz live there as well. We love being with them and our short 4 days just wasn’t enough! Here are some of our highlights.


Weather: it was the perfect temperature and sunny!
Visited: Englischer Garten, Hofbrauhaus, Viktualienmarkt, Starnberg See and Dachau concentration camp.
Loved: spending time with Mark and Liz.
Not so much love: for the sausages…I honestly wasn’t a fan. I also made the mistake of ordering a Cola Radler (beer mixed with coke).. I can still taste it thinking about it! blarg!
Stereotype confirmed: that pickles are a big thing… I was handed a free one on the street on my first day! Thats the moment I fell in love with this country.
Stereotype busted: the fact that Germans are unfriendly and rude…not a chance! Everyone was always so helpful and smiling.
Bought: OMG the shops in Munich! I wish my suitcase was bigger. Munich has the best home decor and antique shops.
Ate: lots and lots of pretzels and pickles! It was also strawberry season.. enough said!
Drank: a lot of lemonade radler! Its my new thing now.
Learned: that there is a very strong park culture in Germany. I love that families spend nearly the entire weekend chilling in a park.
Came away with: an even stronger addiction to pickles, a new found love of cream cheese pretzels and an addiction to Liz’s English tea.
Surprised: by all the events and festivals we kept running into.. we ran into a GMO protest, gay pride parade and a medieval fair. Such a fun busy city!
Couldn’t get enough: of the market! We kept going back… I can’t wait until I live near a market like that.
Got enough: walking…so much walking!
Highlights: were Liz taking me to her favourite shops, the market, my brie and cranberry hamburger on the last night and spending a day at Starnberg See.
Regret: not having enough time to take a dip in the river running through Englischer Garten.
Next time: we will spend more time and see more of outside Munich.

Have you been to Munich? What did we miss and need to do next time?


  1. collage looks great, so glad i could help! sounds like you had a fab time and cream cheese pretzels sound interesting!

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