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As someone with a wandering heart it is only natural that I have a borderline over-the-top addiction fascination to maps. I have seen so so so many map home decor projects that I love that I haven’t managed to do any  because a) I can’t pick my favourite & b) my house would look a bit psycho if I did every one… right? So to help get me started on something I decided to make one for someone elses house.. ha ha!

This project really is easier than it looks and took working through few episodes of my current show The White Queen to get it done. I decided a little late in the game to attempt to make my first tutorial blog and so please excuse the differing projects in the photos. After finishing my first one I realised I really did love one for our house and so started on a second one for us.

DIY Papercut Map Tutorial

 Ok so here is how I made it:

First, decide what place you want your map to focus on. The first map I made for friends is of their neighbourhood Kowloon City here in Hong Kong. Find the location on google maps and take a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 12.04.47 PM

Next, open the file in your photo editing software of choice. I use Photoshop. Once opened you need to flip your map backwards. You do this by selecting image > image rotation > flip canvas horizontally.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 12.06.41 PM

Then you need to crop your image to your desired size. Ideally I would want to make these on a bigger scale, like 12x12in but unfortunately I don’t have a printer that can take paper that size so I am limited to 8.5 x11in. I wanted to give my map a little bit of a border so I cropped it 8x10in which is already a pre-set size in Photoshops crop tool.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 1.37.17 PM

Next, I turned my map black and white and adjusted the colours to make it a bit darker so that I could see it on darker coloured paper. So, trim your cardstock to 8.5x11in and load it in your printer and press print!  If your cardstock has different sides ie. textured vs. not textured, make sure that you are printing on the side you want to be the unseen back of your paper. Here is what my map looks like before it is printed.

K&A Map

And here is what it looks like printed on pretty cardstock. So fun!! This is where I got really excited that this project may just turn out awesome ha ha! Nows the time you sit down with your cutting mat, a good set of Xacto knives and a few good episodes of your favourite show. My knives are a box set I picked up at a Michaels shop years ago, one of my best scrapbooking purchases. The best one is the smallest one closest to the centre of this photo, the blade spins and is perfect for curves. Now, you begin to cut out all the spaces between the streets leaving only the streets behind.


Once you are done flip it over and you will have this amazing intricate looking street map. Choose a fun colour to back it on and pop it in a frame, I chose a frame from Ikea and voila! You have a fun papercut that looks super hard to make!  This project seriously only took me about 2 hours to do. One thing to note is not all maps will work great. Since the first one worked out so well I decided to make one for our home but we live out in the countryside here in Hong Kong and there are not many roads so the map would have looked a bit silly. I have settled on doing Amsterdam as its place Hubby and I both love and hope to move to next.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever tutorial! I would love it if you guys shared how yours turn out! You can follow me on instagram @jenmritchie and tag me in a photo of your project!


  1. This is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing your tutorial, I will have to give this a try.

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  3. Fabulous project and tutorial!

  4. This is a really fantastic tutorial! I really want to try it, thanks so much for sharing!


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