Getting the 90′s out of the junk box..

These past few weeks I have been doing a bit of sorting, organizing and purging. Naturally, while doing so I always come across those dreaded boxes full of ephemera and photos that I am not really sure what to do with. This time I actually attempted to tackle a small portion of one huge box I have and tried to be ruthless… I tossed (gasp!) photos that were crap or had people/events I don’t really remember …. am I seriously old enough for that?¬† or I generally felt they had no significant story or value to clutter up my life. To be honest there weren’t that many tossed… my photo hoarding ways eventually won. However, I did notice that I have an awful lot of those 1990′s 8×10 prints from your local department store. They take up so much room and, don’t get me wrong they are lovely and all, but they probably will never be displayed in my home. They are fun to look at though and do have stories that I wanted to document. Instead of hiding them away in a box full of untold stories I decided to find a way to include them in my scrapbooks. Since they are way too big and not really my photographic taste, I decided to scan them in, that way I could play around with photo editing options and print them smaller. Here is how my first page turned out.


I feel adding some journalling to the page makes the photo that much more meaningful and more interesting. When I put this page into my album I slipped the original 8×10 photo in behind¬†it so it is out of the junk box and in a safer and easier to find place.

Thanks for everything

I also made this layout for Amanda Robinson studio using this fabulous free “thanks for everything” cut file that you can get here.

Have you scrapbooked those 80′s-90′s department store photos? I would love to hear what techniques you used to make make them fit in better with your modern pages.


  1. what a great family memory…I reall like your layout and your handwritten journaling!

  2. I love this! Thanks for the inspiration.

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